Heartful International Inc. Consists of 3 business categories. By clicking the following URL. For viewing details of each category.
■ Production Management Division ISO9001・ISO14001・ISO/TS16949:2009
・Operation management of overseas factories
・Production of automobile press parts and plates
・Production of steel grating
・Production of automobile exhaust parts (bellow pipes)
・Production of fine manufacturing items
・Other production (blade, bender, PCB)
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■ Trading Business Divison
・Import and sales of construction materials and products
・Import/export and sales of automobile parts, steel grating and fine manufacturing materials and products
・A production management magnesium , and its import/export sales
・International trading and network business with Southeast Asia, China and North America
・Other related business

■ International Business Division Registered Tourism Business official member of JATA /member of Bond Warranty

【Tourism Division】
・Tourism industry by tourism law(domestic/overseas trvel arrangement)
・Sales of collective tours (package tours)
・Planning and arranging request-basis travel(personal/group)
(China/Europe/Asia/russia/Mid Far East/North/Sourth America,Oceania,Africa)
・sales agent of overseas airline / voyage / railway / bus and others
・Arreangement of domestic / overseas hotels
・Arrangement of on -site tours
・Arrangement of erery travel related matters
・Insurance agent business
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【For study abroad Division】
・Planning and arrangemnt of program study abroad
・Counseling and arrangemnt services
・Placement and enrollment support of short-term / motehr-child / senior / career stay / language school /public and .private program
・Placement and arrangement of home-stay, residence and other accommodation
・24 hours emergency support
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【Music Division】
・Planning, Arrangement and sales of music / concert tours
・Japan official agent of “Vienna Spring Music Festival” and “Vienna World Chorus |Festival” with Wiener Sangerknaben
・Planning of overseas concert halls and concerts for domestic music groups
・Planning of joint concerts by students brass bands, orchestra clubs, and chorus clubs
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